Model 30MT



  • Large Air Gap and Tolerance to Misalignment
  • Up to 1024 CPR (4096 PPR with Quadrature Counting)
  • Temperature Range -40° to 120° C
  • Easy Alignment and Installation
  • Sealing options to IP69K
Build your own


the model 30mt accu-coder™ is a compact, incremental encoder module with advanced magnetic sensing and signal processing technology. with a built-in alignment feature, the threaded housing allows for quick, accurate air-gap setting. featuring resolutions up to 1024 cpr, several output types, and a wide range for supply voltage, it can be configured for a variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer feedback applications. the non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to ip69k allows the model 30mt to be applied in environments where dirt, dust, and liquids are present.

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