Model TR1



  • Encoder and measuring wheel solution integrated into one compact unit
  • Spring-loaded torsion arm makes wheel pressure adjustments a snap
  • Easily installed in a vertical, horizontal or upside down orientation
  • Operates over a variety of surfaces at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute
  • Integrated module simplifies your system design, reducing cost
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the model tr1 tru-trac™ is a versatile solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance over a wide variety of surfaces in almost any application. an integrated encoder and spring-loaded measuring wheel assembly available in one, the model tr1 is both easy-to-use and compact. its spring-loaded torsion arm offers adjustable torsion load, allowing the model tr1 to be mounted in almost any orientation – even upside-down. the threaded shaft on the pivot axis is field reversible, providing mounting access from either side. the model tr1 housing is a durable, conductive composite material that minimizes static buildup. with operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute and a wide ­variety of configuration options, it’s easy to see the model tr1 tru-trac™ is the ideal solution for countless applications. and when you order from epc, the standard lead time is just 4 – 6 days, with expedite options available. get your encoders in days, not weeks.

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